Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Houston Zoo

My new camera (D90) came yesterday, so of course I had to go find somewhere to try it out. Thankfully, I get into the Houston Zoo for free! Initial reports on the new camera: not having a dedicated ISO button is a bummer. However, the ISO performance on my old camera sucked, so it's not like I used it anyways. On this camera, ISO performance is overwhelmingly better. I refused to go above ISO800 on my D200. On this, many of the pictures below (the reptiles) were taken at ISO1600, and just look fantastic. Even ISO3200 was acceptable to me in some situations.

So, enjoy some animals. First, we have birds. Who doesn't like birds!

This isn't a bird at all. Or any animal. I liked it though.

Never fear, citizen, the animals are back! Some little kid called this a baby Rhino. It was rather humorous to me.


  1. To change the ISO while shooting you can use the button on the back side near the bottom left. The button is the "zoom out" one, but also has the text "ISO" above it.

    The top picture of the bird could use a funny caption. Have fun with the new camera.

  2. Yeah, I know where the button is. I meant, I miss having it on top of the camera, I guess ;). The dedicated ISO and WB buttons were something I used a lot. It's a bit less convenient as a shared button on the back of the camera. Obviously not a deal breaker though, I am enjoying this camera over my D200 in ever other way.


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