Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh, porcupine!

Zoo stuff. Didn't get much worth sharing, it got too cold. I like these though.

And now, here's something you'll really like...

This is my first attempt at stitching together a panorama. I'm actually really proud of this one. Blogspot shrank it quite a bit... this really does not do the full size picture justice.

Pretty pictures of people who are not me.

Pam, Tanner, Jacob, Parents, ect....

3... 2... 1... CHRISTMAS CONTACT!

My family is so awesome that we do Christmas in October. Samantha made kick-ass stockings for everyone. Please enjoy them.

Hanging things on the tree.

This is really all I got worth posting, I didn't spend much time behind my camera.

[Fin de transmisiĆ³n]

Jacob James Winterbottom Part Duece (now with pie!)

Hooters... the place where all of a young boys' dreams come true! Jacob better be proud of this when he is older.

It begins...

Delicious treats...

Proceed with caution

Ham on, ham eater!

This is what we in the business like to call "The Itis"

[End Transmission]

The Misadventures of Jacob James Winterbottom

First things first... this here image is the last time a portion of me was captured by the soul box. I look creepy, which is just marvelous. It's not a good picture... it was mostly a test of if I could turn a horrible picture into an acceptable one. Mission accomplished? Probably not.

This is the EXACT same face that I make on the verge of receiving gifts...

Jacob, in his dashing party clothes.

Family photos...

I don't know what Jacob was looking at, but I think everyone else missed something awesome.

More to come...

Time for an update?

I haven't been on here in a while. Here's a teaser, more to come...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


A few photos from camping. I realize anyone reading this is very likely to have already seen these, but these are post-processing, and I like them. Bear in mind, these were taken on an $80 point-and-shoot. Not so bad...

Samantha, picking raspberries, drink in hand!

Campfire goodness...

This was just a small ways up the creek from our tent. There is actually a campsite right here too. I wouldn't mind camping at that spot next time.

This tree was used as a scratching post, presumably by a bear (not whilst we were there). I thought it looked neat.

The final moments of our trip, doing some fishing. Our campsite was just past the little hill in this picture.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Manitou Incline

Samantha, Kyle (co-worker of mine), and myself climbed the Manitou Incline today. It was mine and Samantha's first time, Kyle's second. For anyone who does not know what that is, its an old abandoned cable car path that runs straight up the side of a mountain. All that is left now is thousands of rail ties leading from the base of the mountain to the summit. The trail is just over a mile long, with an elevation change of over 2,000 ft. It was intense, I can't believe we made it to the top. I only have one picture, and its from my cell phone, but enjoy it anyways. The next time I go, I will have my new point-and-shoot, and will have better pictures. I'm not dragging my camera up there, way to much work.

You can see the tiny little parking lot at the bottom. That is where we started. It's a long way to the top...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tanner's Deployment

So I finally got around to working on these pictures... I'm sure plenty of people are waiting. Not much else to say... enjoy.


Pam and Jacob...

Jacob, ready to follow in his daddies footsteps...

Lets hope that if Tanner actually ever has to point this thing at someone... he will get out of his chair.

A picture for Meghan and Derrick.

Tanner, making a rather disturbing face...

Last few, Pam, Tanner, and Jacob

Friday, April 16, 2010

Jacob's first zoo trip

Two weeks(ish) ago, Jacob got to take his first trip to the zoo. Everyone marvel at the splendor of animals too cool to be found in your back yard, and the small child who doesn't seem to notice they exist. As you can see here, Jacob is far more interested in his own hand than the giant slobbery monster a foot from his face. It's OK Jacob... they are pretty nice hands.

This picture is actually from a song in The Lion King. No joke...

This is a baby giraffe. It is also named Jacob.

This bird and the giraffe are star-crossed lovers, tragically separated by a huge fence. Their passion for each other burns like the force of a thousand suns... if only it weren't for the fence. The giraffe could probably totally flip out and kill the fence, but he is way to cool for that.

These are all just animals, and not Jacob, so I'm not going to bother writing stuff about each one. It will get you back to the Jacob faster. (FYI - there are a lot of baby animals in these pictures. They have all been named Jacob.)

Back to Jacob... here he is riding a calf. Since the calf is a baby, in a similar fashion to every other baby animal, it has been named Jacob. Also, does anyone else see how straight gangsta the human Jacob looks here?

Day over, and Jacob totally hit the jackpot. I'm a sucker for being awesome, and bought him a souvenir for his first zoo trip. He started to eat its face, and I couldn't say no. Oddly enough, despite it being a baby tiger, it was not named Jacob. It was named Alfonzo. I don't care what Pam says - I bought it, so it's Alfonzo, and Jacob will just have to learn.

Something old....

I was going through old photos of mine and came across this, and really liked it. I took this ages ago, a camping trip back in July 2009. O...