Thursday, April 15, 2010

People: Not at all unlike the moon.

For the longest time, I never took pictures of people. I never thought myself good at it. I'm working on that, and getting better I think. I have two portraits to share that I like. One much older than the other. We'll start with the old one first.

In retrospect, the shadows here are far more exaggerated that they should be, but for my first real attempt at taking a picture of a person, I think it is OK. Probably a case of too much post-processing more than anything, I was sort of Photoshop crazy at this point. I probably still have the original somewhere, I may take a look at it again. This was taken May 3rd, 2009, so we are still a year out at this point. I didn't do much again with people again until very recently.

This is my nephew, Jacob James Ray. Taken November 7th, 2009, I believe at about a month old (I honestly don't remember his birthday, ask Pam.) I like it. PP aside, I think it's a great picture. D70 + 50mm f/1.8, it was a great combination for what I wanted to accomplish with these pictures. I took a lot more really good pictures this day, but this is my favorite. A lot of people asked Pam 'where she got her pictures done' which was overwhelmingly exciting for me. I've never really considered my pictures to be "Professional", so when people saw them and assumed they were commercial portraits, it was very touching and I was that much more proud of the pictures I had taken. I often will assume people are telling me my pictures are good just to be nice. When I see people who don't know me or know they are my pictures giving compliments, I don't get that feeling.

Also, this was the last set of pictures I took with my D70. A month later I made a big jump to a Nikon D200. This camera is superior in every way, I don't think I could go back. Instant control over ISO and WB alone make it worth having. Getting that camera also pretty well puts us current on this blog. I don't yet have anything to share, as it's been a busy couple of months for me. When I have the time to take something worth showing, it will be here.

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  1. I often feel the same way...that the photos are good just because they are being aye. But really, you have a great eye.


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