Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reckless adventures with a camera? Yes please.

I'm trying to figure out why my pictures are being formatted stupidly, and how to fix it. Hopefully this looks better...

I took this February 8th, 2008, about 3 months after I purchased my camera. I think it was, to that date, my favorite picture taken. I don't even know why, I just like it. I think it shows improvement on my end both in technically and composition, and I actually think it holds up 2 years later as a good picture. It's also a crazy memory for me. It was taken while climbing this:

The part that made the adventure a bit stupid was that it was just me and my camera bag... climbing a big rock... in the snow. I didn't tell anyone where I was, and I didn't bring a cell phone. No so bright, but it was fun, and it was one hell of a view when I got to the top. I took a lot of pictures on this day that I really liked. I will remember it well.

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  1. SO DO I and if it wasn't for the fact that you really did take some amazing pictures (the first one is one of my all time favorites) I'd STILL be mad at you!


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